Another milestone has been reached!

Another big milestone has been reached with the ENWINEV conversion project. The team mounted the edrive system and Auto Mechanic, ENWIN Utilities, Herman Persaud explains the process of installation and next steps in the EV conversion process.

First, the team assembled the edrive motor onto the four-wheel drive train transfer case, they use a crane to transfer the motor into the chassis of the truck, they installed the motor and transfer case assembly and securely mounted it. The team then had to adjust the drive shaft angle and make custom motor mounts to secure it to the frame of the truck. Next steps, now that the edrive unit is installed, they are getting ready to install wires to hook up to the battery and programming it to be mobile.


Meet more of the team!

Meet Dan Vincent. Dan is a St. Clair College professor in the automotive, electrical, electronics department who came out of retirement to join this incredible project. He spear-heads this special project of vehicle electrification through ENWIN Utilities and the Canadian Automobility Hub partners: Automobility Enterprises and St. Clair College.


Next meet Peter Wawrow, Director, Research and Innovation at St. Clair College. Peter explains St. Clair College’s involvement in the project and the opportunities it brings for their students. St. Clair College provides facilities for this project, one being the truck and coach building, they have converted half of the building into an automobility lab, which presents an opportunity for students to get hands on experience.

Learn more about students Ben and Aiden’s involvement in the project.


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