Installation has begun

An exciting milestone has finally been reached as installation has begun! The Enwin EV team is having a great time seeing this incredible project come to life, as there is never a dull moment with the many components and procedures involved in this conversion process. There are rear batteries, a front battery plate, mounting the OBC and battery cooling system on the eDrive skid plate, and so much more.

There are also a lot of machines and high-tech equipment the team uses throughout the project. For example, a 3D printer has been used to create various custom components, some of which are charging ports, cab brackets, and a case adapter to verify the vehicle design.

3D printing can be time consuming when you are taking a three-dimensional digital model, and creating a physical object by laying down many thin layers of material, however, every component is different. The transfer case cover took 24 hours to complete, and the switch pad bracket took 6 hours, but the end results are always captivating.

It is interesting to hear what some of the favorite processes are from team members who are constantly working hard on this project. Project Manager, Peixiang Shen’s, favorite step so far was creating the mock ups of the battery and motor layout, and the skid plate design. He found it to be a very important part of the planning process, as using mock ups of boxes to simulate the space needed for the truck and its components saved a lot of time, and was very efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates, videos, and photos as the project continues.

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