The adventure continues!

The adventure continues with the Enwin EV project as they convert one of their F150 trucks into an electric vehicle (EV). A lot has been going on so far, and there is still a lot of fun to be had in the weeks to come. Converting an internal combustion engine into an all-electric drive train takes planning and strategy in every step taken. This week the team used a sophisticated 3D scanner to map out the chassis of the truck, which is then sent to a computer allowing the team to see how the new EV components will sit in the vehicle. The 3D scanner is a very productive device that will give accurate guidance for future mounting design.

Even more exciting, the electric drive train has arrived! This is a super powerful system that can create a maximum of 2449 ft lbs of torque at the wheel. Its hard to believe that this small motor can power a vehicle, it’s small enough to be lifted by hand, but powerful enough to drive a full-size pick-up truck. The drive train system is an essential component of a vehicle, and the Enwin EV project team is excited to get it installed.

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