Every project needs a good plan

Now that the engine has been removed, the next step is called the ‘mock up’ process. Every project needs a good plan and the ENWINEV project plans are in full motion. The mock up stage is a very essential process in production as the team uses boxes to simulate the space needed for the truck and all its components.

This process is used to understand any potential interference questions that may come up when completing this retrofit project, it also helps the team to get a head start on fabrication of parts and bracketry to better understand and assist in what is needed to support and secure all the parts in place. Having this understanding help to visually review the potential layout of the parts prior to them arriving onsite.

What an exciting adventure this is going to be to see all the different kinds of efficient methods that are going to be used, as for this one, having a design display through mock ups will also continuously optimize future designs of next projects.


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